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7460 Cherry Ave, Fontana, CA

Phone: 909-355-2922 | FAX: 909-355-2912



We have one of the longest tunnels in Southern California, featuring 150 foot of the latest state-of-the-art carwash equipment.

Quality is paramount at Raceway Express Carwash.  We use a unique blend of chemicals to produce the cleanest possible car.  In addition, we use 100% reverse osmosis water in your final rinse to minimize water spotting. You can drive off without wiping or you can stay and dab dry and do your final touch ups.

There is no standing around, waiting for 45 minutes for your car, the old way is out!

If you value a clean car, we have a solution for you.  We offer Monthly Unlimited Fast Pass memberships.  Our FastPass club membership gives you access to unlimited washes for one monthly fee, starting as low as $19.95.  Sign up now. Your membership allows you to bypass the attendant lane and enter through the FastPass members lane, the gate opens automatically! Talk about convenience. Join the fastest growing club in Fontana and become a FastPass Member.  FastPass members also receive 10% of all detail services.

We offer both prepaid wash cards and gift cards, give them as gifts or share with the family, they are good for use with multiple vehicles. For example, we will discount the purchase by $10.00 for every $50.00 on the card. The minimum is $25.00. When the card runs out, the attendant can recharge it.  Purchase your prepaid wash card or gift card today and start saving 20% every time!

We offer House Accounts for businesses with multiple vehicles, ask about our plans and fleet discounts.

Our vacuum stalls are extra wide. Use of our vacuums is free with every car wash.  Just a little effort from you saves you time and money!  Almost all of our customers are do-it-yourselfers, utilizing the time and cost benefits of the Express Car Wash experience.

When it comes to service we shine. 

We offer an Express Spray On Wax starting at $29.95 and an Express Hand Wax starting at $39.95 using the finest products from Blue Coral, these packages include interior full service treatment in our detail area. All exterior details include the Checkered Flag Wash.  Relax in our lounge as we put the final touches on your car.

Our Tunnel is a full-service state-of-the-art automated system offering soft foam wraps, the latest waxes, clear coats, paint sealants and Black Magic Tire shine in the tunnel.  Our air dryers will blow you away. We guarantee your satisfaction.

We use not one, but two high pressure wheel busters to clean your wheels and get rid of ugly black brake dust.  We offer a $15.00 Wheel Bright treatment for those really bad wheels.

Rain X is included in our premium Checkered Flag wash.  This is the same great Blue Coral product used on aircraft to bead water and repel dirt, and adds a tremendous shine to your car. Rain X also helps protect your paint and reduces oxidation.  This fine product is over $5.00 alone at other car washes.

If you have an SUV or large truck we have good news...SUV's are always the same price.  We can accommodate up to 7'4" in height. 

We are green, we recycle all of our water.

We welcome your business and suggestions send us an email at

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